Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Unmixing, The Property Manager Speaks

The Property Manager's response was sent on 1/25/07 to all tier unit owners and the board:

Thank you for sending us notice of your intentions to contract the electrical work. It's comforting to know that you're proactive in your approach to attacking the issues that affect our XXXX community.

At first glance, it seems though that this may be an issue that should be handled by the association. If in fact the lines are tied, then wouldn't this be considered limited common areas, thus falling under the jurisdiction of the condo board? This characterization of the issue will allow the expense of correcting the lines to be shared with all members of the association.

I suspect the $350 over-the-phone estimate to be grossly understated. But, not only should the financial cost be considered in making this decision, the potential liability should also be strongly considered. Unfortunately, if work in our units effects other units or the common areas, we would be responsible to remedy those effected areas. That could become a financial burden we can't bear.

Has this issue been brought to the board's attention and put up for discussion/vote? Or is it that you prefer to handle the issue yourselves?

Mr. Property Manager

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