Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Unmixing, The First Floor Chimes In Again

This e-mail was sent on 1/26/07 by the first floor unit owner on my tier to the board and all tier owners:

To everyone:

We can definitely talk more about solutions, but my intention to separate my
lines from the unit above me is a done deal. And I won't feel a bit sorry
for the electricity going out, because everyone has known about these issues
for the past 4 years.

I would think that a person would fix their problem areas in the unit first, then rent it out, but that's just how I would handle mine.

If you were that concerned with how this was going to big problem once we decided to get the work done, why haven't you communicated any input until now or maybe did some research yourself to try to come to a solution?

What about your responsibility as a property manager XXXX, you mean to tell me XXXX never mentioned this to you and your blindsided by this situation? This is just another instance where I find it disappointing that a very important issue like our electrical is being trivialized.

Our electrical is jacked and I am not going to live with intertwined lines any longer, let alone, not having enough power to run my apartment on a stable level.

I'm done for now.

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