Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Unmixing, Additional Woody

This e-mail was sent on 1/22/07 once again to the board, all tier unit owners and the 2nd floor unit's property manager after the first floor unit owner's letter of the same date:

Good Afternoon,

Like XXXX I am also eager to get my individual electrical situation resolved.

As I mentioned at the board only meeting last week, I know that the 1509 basement electricity is tied to one of my circuits. I discovered this last year when the porches were being constructed. The heavy power tools blew the circuit which took out the basement lights, basement electrical outlets and most of my kitchen power.

When Mr. XXXX straightens out our situations it may be that the association may need to either engage his services or the services of a qualified electrician to make sure the common areas continue to have power.

I cannot emphasize that step be taken in conjunction with the work that will soon be performed to minimize electrical disruptions.

While I'm not sure if XXXX's electricity and my electricity are intermingled, I wouldn't doubt it at this point. I hope that you can also be on board as we start to untangle yet another mess that Carlton left us with.

I'm sure that with the recent jump in electrical prices, that we all want to make sure that our collective bills reflect our true usage.

At this point, I anticipate the work to happen sometime in the month of February. More information will follow.


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