Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Unmixing, Snarky Is As Snarky Does

The following e-mails were also sent on 1/25/07 to the tier owners and the board:

From the Property Manager:


Thanks for your response. Your passion toward fixing this issue is evident and understood. Still, I'm in need of some clarification on a few points made in your email.

It appears from your perspective that this discussion is over. You're unwilling to take this to the board and this project is going to happen, sometime mid-to-late February. Furthermore, your position appears to be that since you've sufficiently warned us, if you disrupt any of our electricity, we better call an electrician and find the money to pay for it because "the onus falls on [us]."

I know that email can be taken out of context because one cannot read body language, facial expressions, and other aspects necessary to effectively communicate without misunderstanding. Your commitment to the association, compassion for your neighbors and willingness to follow procedures addressed in the Declarations and Bylaws suggest that I'm misinterpreting your email. Will you please shed some light on my confusion?

...And My Response:


What clarification did you need? What questions or concerns did I not answer?

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