Tuesday, April 25, 2006


If you’ve been a faithful reader of I Hate My Developer you also know that I’m not a big fan of four of our former owners.

I refer to them as the deadbeats.

In the past I’ve talked about their slow assessment payments, non-assessment payments and foreclosures in great detail.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they know about and read this blog.

Like I care.

Their foreclosures (and now bankruptcies) are public record.

Moreover, all of them still owe us quite a bit of money. Their debt hasn’t gone away so neither will we. No amount of time or foreclosures will change that.

You would think that in order to let everyone move on they’d go ahead and find a way to contact us, ask how much they owe, cut a cashier’s check and call it a day.

Oh no, it simply can’t be that easy. Everybody wants to be a big baller, shot caller.

Fuck the condo association where you made money. It’s not their primary residences so why should they care?

These experiences got me wondering, “Why are irresponsible landlords in the CHAC program allowed to feed at the public trough at fellow taxpayer’s expense?"

The ultimate loser in this high stakes game of lord of the manor is the renter who, at least in our situations, doesn’t find out about the foreclosure until it’s too late.

Basically there is no allowance or consideration in the CHAC rules for landlords who don’t pay their association fees.

CHAC aggressively monitors the property owners in its program to make sure that they’re paying their county property taxes but not so much for foreclosures and non-payment of assessments.

What that could hypothetically mean is that you could be in foreclosure and behind in your assessments and unless someone reported this to CHAC, they would be none the wiser.

Naturally it wouldn’t take long before someone recognized this little discrepancy and started asking questions.

It was just simply a matter of time before those high enough up on the food chain heard those questions.

It boiled down to introductions and access.

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