Monday, April 24, 2006

The Fine Print

You'll start to notice little things popping up in the sidebar that I'm putting in the blog to inform and make your lives easier.

Late last week I put in the bloglet subscription service. Bloglet allows you to sign up to have the hottest, freshest posts from I Hate My Developer sent directly to your e-mail.

That way if you miss a few posts and I'm in the middle of a writing frenzy, you'll be able to read what you missed without having to access the archives.

See how I'm always thinking of you kids? Feel the love.

The other slight change will be the posting of the copyright notice as soon as I figure out how to insert the text.

It's not that this applies to 99.9% of you or that I think that highly of my blog but it never hurts to have things all properly tucked away and legal.

You know what I mean?

Now back to the continuing circus that is my condominium association.

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