Monday, April 10, 2006

Game, Set...

After the public & private e-mails landed in Caustic's court with a resounding "thud," I received this volley from the baseline:

I am having a wonderful morning, don't act like i'm stupid and quit playing that oh, i didn't know i was being passive aggressive crap with me. You know exactly what you're doing and I do too. I found your email to be wholly inappropriate and shouldn't have to 'answer for the record' to you, which is why i replied to ALL.

For the record, to ALL: Housekeepers cleaned my home and left the bags, XXXX was supposed to take them to the dumpster, obviously WE forgot. And i claim full responsibility for the mistake. I don't need to be threatened by a fine, if it is appropriate, I'm ok with that. Shit happens it was a mistake and will be taken care of today. Had SOMEONE who complained asked or informed me directly I would've been able to take care of it sooner and no one would've had to look at my trash, i honestly was completely unaware it was still out there. I would not of been angry, i would of been thankful that someone was being HELPFUL and alerted me, rather than undermining and conniving which that email and your 'investigation' were.

If you were really trying to be helpful XXXX, you would of knocked during your 'investigation' and asked if I was aware, left a note, or called my cellular to inquire which you do about everything else when you are genuinely trying to accomplish something and that is OK and always has been, and yes I want ALL to hear that. That's what neighbors do. Just like i'd call XXXX if i noticed her bike cover flew off, or I'd call XXXX if i saw someone prowling around his car. We are neighbors, not the policy police and you might keep that in mind the next time you investigate.

Board. If a fine is in line. Save your paper and your time and i will add it to my next payment. Problem solved, an error occurred, my trash is on my porch, i should not receive special treatment, but what i don't need is an email from a board member on behalf of a neighbor asking me something 'for the record'.

I also was not aware that i lived in the XXXX Condominium Association and could be threatened with a fine from her directly, any responses from the board?
So, since I was being 'disrespectful' to XXXX, go ahead board, FINE ME...that is what you said...right?

"Based on your response below, respect seems to be in short supply. Should we assume that an additional $25.00 for the trash fine will be included on your next assessment payment?"

How about this, why don't you fine me an additional $25.00 because you're certainly not going to like this reply either.

XXXX, I am very happy with the work you have done for the building and association but their is a certain line that you have crossed before and you have crossed with me...again and i am finally letting you know i don't appreciate it and am not afraid of you and will stand up for myself. I would appreciate it not occurring again.

And XXXX I have nothing personal or private to discuss with you. This is a non-issue. If you have serious business, fine, include EVERYONE on it. But don't bother me with this type of BS again.


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