Monday, April 10, 2006


I couldn't pay someone to make this stuff up? Isn't Caustic priceless?

What can you say to such nonsense? Sniping back in forth in a very public forum would never make poor Caustic consider anyone other than, well---Caustic.

I took it upon my self to continue to maintain decorum and attempt to have as clean of a disagreement as possible

It was best to attempt to end it with this:

My condo association? Passive-aggressive? Threatened? Caustic, I'm flattered. As you stated, problem solved. Now let's move on.

Oh no, she could not be one upped and let me have the last word. Even though that last word was sent to her and not to the beleaguered group at large.

She so considerately took my private post and e-mailed it to the board.

Big whoop.

I usually assume that most of what I write in e-mail is going to be sent to someone else or that someone other than it's addressee will see it at some point. That little stunt didn't both me in the least.

In fact I wrote and told Caustic as much:

By all means, send the e-mail to whomever you'd like. I stand behind my words. If you'd like to make our conversation public, be my guest.

All I can do is shake my head.

I'll post another follow up to Caustic's blog fodder tomorrow. I mean, cripes---I haven't even told you about my weekend yet.

Soap opera indeed.

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