Monday, April 10, 2006

Public and Private

Whooo doggies!

My trash query sure raised Caustic's hackles.

Naturally I replied---one went to the association board that had been cc'd on the response. The other went to Caustic directly:

The Public E-mail:


It seems like you have had a rough start to your morning. To spare everyone else my reply to your comments and concerns below, I will e-mail you about this privately.

I could be wrong but I thought I e-mailed you---and only you---about this Saturday. I chose not to inform or include everyone else as I believed you at least deserved the respect to answer a question about a rule violation without the whole association being copied in.

Then of course I'm not at home and don't have my original e-mail in front on me so if I didn't give you that common courtesy, I apologize.

Based on your response below, respect seems to be in short supply.

Should we assume that an additional $25.00 for the trash fine will be included on your next assessment payment?

The Private E-mail:

Your response is consistent with the level of disregard and selfishness that permeates your behavior towards your neighbors.

I shouldn't be surprised by this latest in a long line of childish outbursts, caustic behavior and fit throwing. You look and sound ridiculous. Is it a wonder that the "neighbor in question" wouldn't want to ask you about your trash? I can only assume that they would not want to be the target of your ire.

I personally don't care as I could give a flying fig about your tantrums whether they're in person, at a monthly meeting or via e-mail.

Everyone else gets called on their infractions, so join the club. The fact that you made a private query a public issue continues to speak volumes about your "me first" attitude. The only person you succeed in making look foolish was yourself. The fact that you did it in print (again) only bolsters your already stellar reputation.

Personally speaking, you need to reside in a single family home. You are obviously not cut out for association living. It is my fervent wish that you are successful in selling your unit so you can finally move on and continue with your life. That way you can make only your (future) spouse and immediate neighbor's lives more difficult instead of my own.

I find it ironic that the person who wouldn't even say something to her own neighbor's about the volume of their children playing in the back courtyard now wants to stand on protocol about neighbor's confronting each other.

My suggestion is this: Shut up & pay up.

...If you'll excuse my French.

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