Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Brightest Bulb

After the little storm trooper incident of a few Fridays ago, the renter in the unit moved out the next day.

Why would I expect her to be responsible enough to leave the lock box on the door instead of packing it away with her belongings?

For those of you who don’t know, a lockbox is kind of a large lock that has a compartment inside to hold keys. It’s used by the realtors to allow showings of properties at any time without the listing agent being present---it allows more flexibility in the coordination of schedules.

When I called the tenant yesterday to inquire whether she had fully moved out and the whereabouts of the lockbox and the key, she told me that the lockbox got thrown in a box in the flurry of moving.

She now has to go to storage and dig through her boxes to unearth it and return it to her former residence.

I would imagine that we’d be charged for the loss of the box if it were not returned. Moreover, who wants to be responsible for the key until another lockbox can be placed on the door?

Don’t we all have enough to deal with right now?

Frankly as an association we’ve been very accommodating trying to assist this young woman with this whole process.

After all it’s not her fault she had a shitty landlord.

At some point though, you have to show some forethought and responsibility.

We did extend ourselves to find out the combination and pass it along to her. Giving the lame excuse that you can’t find the lockbox because you packed it away ain’t feeding the bulldog.

Find it.

I sensed her reluctance against digging through all of her stored away boxes when she asked how much a lockbox costs. I guestimated at least a couple of hundred dollars---maybe even more.

The hemming and hawing ensued.

I told her that I would call her on Friday to check her progress. We need everything back by Sunday.

See what happens when you try to be a decent human being and try to help someone.

I’m getting cynical in my old age.

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