Friday, April 14, 2006

Last Weekend---Friday, Part II

Now what are the odds of meeting two wine distributors with season tickets to the Cubs, boats on the lake and access to the new Veuve Clicquot non vintage Rose while looking for fellow bloggers I’ve never met before?

I felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Was this really happening?

Did I mention that one of the wine distributors was single?

When does this ever happen to me?

Actually, truth be told, this type of thing happens all of the time.

I always find myself running into some of the most interesting people in the most unlikely places. I guess last Friday was par for the course.

While double fisting at the front bar of Bernie’s watching pre-game, a nice man just came up and started talking to me.

He had that “married” look and seemed nice enough so we engaged in some back and forth baseball banter. After about a half an hour, his work friend came and joined him for pre-game libations.

It turned out the friend went to college in my home town so we debated the merits of town vs. gown and all that jazz.

Other topics ran the gamut from pissing and moaning about work, to where their other buddy might have wandered off to.

Somehow during the course of the multiple conversations, ice cold unopened beers** (Sam Adams, thank you) kept on being shoved in my hand.

God, this was a good day.

It was at this point the heavens opened and it’s as if God give us single women a little glimmer of what a good marriage looks like.

The first gentleman told a story of how he went shopping with his wife for one pair of shoes and she came out with five.

Not only did he NOT complain but he paid for all five pairs and understands why we need so many shoes.

I almost hugged him.

And yes before you ask, he was straight.

A nice man with a boat, who buys shoes and has access to good hooch---you must be shitting me.

I wasn’t aware such a man existed.

If I were her, I’d never let that dude out of my sight. You know how some broads get.

While his single friend was a bit easier on the eyes and had a rockin’ body, you could smell his commitment issues a mile away. It’s not that his looks and charm are wasted on me; it’s just that after a while you just understand that a leopard doesn’t change his spots.

In short, he ain’t the marrying kind.

Now he’s the "date awhile" kind and the “I can’t believe what I just did” kind but marriage? Nope. Nada. Nein.

A hoot and a holler nonetheless; thoroughly entertaining.

After a few more beers I asked them specifically what they did to procure legal currency and that’s when they dropped the bomb:

“We’re wine distributors.”

I think someone caught me when I swooned.

I was brought back to consciousness with another beer.

Life at that precise moment was as good as it was gonna get. Unfortunately after a brief chit chat about the wine business the guys had to posse up and head to their dugout seats at the game.

Seeing that I didn’t have a ticket to the game, the gentlemen loaded me up with sympathy beers and flew the coop.

There was a ward breakfast with the Mayor the next day and had to at least be able to put a sentence together.

I came, I drank, the Cubs conquered.

Rogers Park Reviewers, you missed a good time.

**As a general rule never accept drafts, open beers or cocktails of any kind from anyone you don’t know.

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