Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Breaking The Fast

I received a phone call from my Alderman's Chief of Staff asking if I am free on Saturday to have breakfast with the Mayor.

It will be a small thing with about 25 people in attendance so it ought to be interesting.

Apparently the mayor wants to know what's going on the in the city and has a sit down in each of Chicago's 50 wards about once or twice a year with us "normal" folk.

I guess my alderman thought of me as I talk to her staff as much as I talk to my sister.

Note: I talk to my sister at least four to five times a day. Seriously.

I joked to my Alderman's Chief of Staff that I was going to walk in late adorned in a pink and teal suit with a monster easter hat and a toothpick hanging out of my mouth slap the Mayor on the back and say, "How you Doing?"

I should think bigger and bolder.

Perhaps I should start cracking Nasty Canasta jokes to see how down the Mayor is with his classic cartoons.

Better yet, I'm gonna Paul Wall up the joint.

While the possibilities to make an ass out of myself are endless, perhaps I should stick with the under the radar route.

I don't think anyone wants the Mayor to remember them in a bad way.

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