Friday, April 14, 2006

Last Weekend---Friday, Part I

Other than being the trash police, last weekend was fun but chaotic.

Friday the 7th was the Cubs’ home opener. The usual baseball lovin’ crew was in full effect but as to be expected, I made new friends along the way.

For those of you who have never experienced a Cub’s home opener, let me advise you that if you ever plan to dive in I suggest getting a good night’s sleep, bringing a great deal of cash and getting started very early.

Believe it or not, most of the bars in Wrigleyville, the neighborhood surrounding the ballpark, open at 6 AM.

You heard me 6 AM.

Note: Gates to the park opened at 11:20 AM. The game starts at 1:20 PM.

If you’re young, an inexperienced drinker or just a plain old dumb ass you could seriously hurt yourself.

Think about it, seven hours and twenty minutes of drinking---in some people’s cases, pounding---until the first pitch.

You could easily drink yourself into a coma.

Luckily I’m old enough, smart enough and have made a requisite opening day mistakes to know better.

Plus I had the ward breakfast with the Mayor on Saturday so I couldn’t show up looking like a bag of ass with a face on from the previous day.

Condo business with the lawyer delayed me so I didn’t wind up at Yakzie’s until about 9:45 AM.

Frankly that’s a respectable time to start drinking on opening day.

Despite the fact, I didn’t have a ticket I still like the event that opening day has grown into for the Cubs.

Hope for a playoff run and joviality rule the day. Naturally drinking was a touch heavier this year than last as Cub fans attempted to erase the memory of the White Sox winning the World Series.

As the kids bundled up and struck out to there seats, I thought it might be a good idea to bounce over to Bernie’s to see in any Rogers Park people took me up on my invitation.

Sadly I didn’t find any Roger’s Parkers but I did manage to run into some fine wine distributors.

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