Monday, April 10, 2006


In the previous entry I posted a question I posed to Caustic about the trash that was sitting on her back porch.

Boy oh boy did I receive an answer:

OK. Ms. Trash police.

1. I don't appreciate the tone of this email.

I had cleaning people at my house, XXXX was supposed to take the trash to the dumpster. I haven't been on my back porch and had no idea the bags were there, shit happens.

I do "abide" by the rules, as you can see from my reply it was a mistake and will be taken care of immediately.

So for the record---why do I have trash outside my door on the back
porch after the posting of the signs about not leaving it in common

Because I was on an absolute mission to piss off all the other residents of the XXXX condominium and make it a point to blow off rules and regulations on a regular basis in order to inconvenience and annoy my neighbors.

And to whomever brought this to your attention. Thank you. But they can leave the 'cattiness' out next time. I don't need this. We are all adults and should be able to act accoringly.

You all know that i had hip surgery and 1...can barely get up and down steps on my own pain free and can't cart my trash down the steps and am reliant on others for assistance.

So little miss or mr. bitchy needs to get off my back. All someone had to do when you were doing your 'investigating' is knocked and asked.

So. I am SOOOOO sorry for making a mistake...if any of you know what that is. Or are you XXX, and the unnamed neighbor too perfect to have those occur in your life.

Get off my ass. I don't need this shit, especially not now. Excuse my french and leave me the hell alone.

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