Monday, April 10, 2006

I Asked A Simple Question...

I really try not to antagonize my neighbors.

It's a no win situation when you piss off the people that live around you. Obviously it's inevitable that there will be a conflict but for the most part friendship---or at the very least tolerance and common courtesy usually rule the day.

Yet Caustic pushes me to the very limits of the manners that my mother worked so hard to instill in my some times hard head.

Ladies and Gentlemen I asked a simple question via e-mail. The text of that e-mail is below:

It was brought to my attention that you have trash on your porch.
When I went to investigate, you had two bags outside your door at
approximately 8:30 AM this morning (Friday) and it was still there at
9:30 PM.

The individual who brought this to my attention made a point of asking
why should the rest of the association abide by a well publicized rule
when a board member isn't. I couldn't give them an answer.
So for the record---why do you have trash outside your door on the back
porch after the posting of the signs about not leaving it in common

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